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Monday, January 13, 2014

32 Quakes Hit Puerto Rico Region After The 6.5 On Monday (Video)

In the video below I take us to the Earthquake global incident site where it shows that over the last 9 hours 32 earthquakes at a variety of different magnitudes have swarmed the Puerto Rico region since the bigger 6.5 magnitude early on Monday. Then we move over to the National Data Buoy Center to see two flashing events meaning, according to their chart “Tsunami station in event mode (within previous 24 hours).”

This does not mean a tsunami is expected and after the 6.5 quake hit, it was first reported there was a small possibility of a tsunami event, then later an update said no tsunami was expected. That report was written before the latest follow up quakes, but still no warnings have been issued.

Noteworthy – This comes a day after the report of 55 quakes hitting California in a 40 minute timeframe.

The global incident site updates automatically which changes the times and numbers, so I did capture all 32 in the 9 hour period in the video which can be paused and counted.

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